Timber Doors

Quality has always been uppermost in our manufacturing goals. We have built a reputation based on innovative design, top quality products, uncompromising customer service, unsurpassed craftmanship as well as leading edge technology.

Our collection of entrance doors come in all shapes and sizes. Each door is hung on fully adjustable hinges, fitted with multi-point locking mechanism and door threshold.

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UPVC Doors

The security specification on every product includes locking points strategically positioned on the hinge and handle sides to provide effective all round anti-intruder protection.

Fully adjustable security hinges are fixed directly into steel reinforcement.

Every single component is specified to an uncompromising standard. Even the screws used are superior grades, that have been tested for 1000 hours in a salt spray chamber to ensure their quality.

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Bi-Fold Doors

Our folding door system is highly versatile and configurable giving you maximum control over the style and operation of the doors. Multiple panels can be added with open in or open out bi-fold door options to accommodate your requirements. Unique, flush line pop-out handles allow for square stacking panels when the folding doors are in the open position so that the space is not obstructed any more than is necessary and four solid stainless steel wheels will ensure years of faultless operation.

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